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Apps in Windows Phone can be installed directly from the Windows Phone Store, but the users also have another option of side-loading, or transferring the apps from their SD card(if their phone supports one) to the Windows Phone. This post explains about that side-loading apps into Windows Phone from one’s SD card.

To start with, you will basically need an SD card which already has Windows Phone app files, called .XAP files stored in it. These XAP files can be downloaded from your personal computer and then stored onto your SD card.

How to downaload .XAP files from the Windows Phone Store:

– From any web browser on your computer, go to

– In the search box at the top-right corner of the web page, type the name of the app that you want to download or go to Apps+Games and search for an app that you wish to download. Click on the app to open its page.

– Scroll down in the app details page and to the bottom of the app requirement details on the left, you would find download and install manually option.

– Click on it and save the .XAP file on your computer. After the file is saved successfully, transfer the app file to your SD card.

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How to install .XAP app files from SD card in Windows Phone:

– Insert the SD card that contains required .XAP files into your phone.

– Swipe left on your Start screen and go to the App list and tap on Store.

– Tap on More and then tap on install local apps (for earlier versions of Windows Phone, you should look for the SD card option).

– Select the apps from the SD card that you want to install and then tap on Install.

-After successful installation, the apps can be seen in the App list.

-If the apps installed are:

1. free, they would be ready to use

2. paid apps with trial versions, trial version will be available and later you can purchase the full version from within the app

3. paid apps with no trial versions, they have to be purchased before you could be able to use them.

NOTE: For Windows Phone 8.1, if the phone supports and SD card, you could also directly download apps from the Windows Phone Store into your SD card. This can help conserving space on your Phone.

For more details on how to install apps directly on to SD card from Windows Phone Store, read: How to install apps directly to SD card on Windows Phone

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