Office for Android

Microsoft might be releasing its Office software for Android devices in early November this year. This would be the release of the full and touch-screen friendly version of Microsoft Office for Android.

While Microsoft has already made the free version of Office available to Android users via the ‘Microsoft Office Mobile’ app on Google Play, it still lacked certain features when compared to the Windows or the Mac versions. But now, the going-to-be released version of Office for Android is expected to be the full featured Office app.

It is also likely that this upcoming Office app for Android will be more or less the same as the Office app for Apple iPad, which was launched by Microsoft early this year. According to that, users can download and read Microsoft Office files but to create one or edit an existing file would require an Office 365 subscription. Even if the Android version of the fully featured Office also happens to be like this, Android users need not worry because the Office 365 subscription is available at as low as $6.99 per month.

Android users, what is your choice of preference? Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point or Google Docs, Sheets and Slides? Let us know in the comments!

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