dropbox selective sync data loss

If you are among those people who rely on Dropbox to save their data, you might be also among those people who have lost their files! Dropbox, today, confirmed that a bug in some of its older versions of desktop apps caused all of this. The result is that many Dropbox users who switched to ‘Selective Sync’ feature (which limits syncing of files to the cloud to only some folders) have lost the data they have stored on the Dropbox cloud.

Some of the affected users who have been using the ‘Selective Sync’ and who have shutdown or restart their devices found that the feature was not able to locate their data which resided in the cloud previously. The good news is that Dropbox is now working on restoring the lost data of the users.

As of now. DropBox is reaching out to users who have lost their data from the DropBox cloud via e-mail and is offering an year’s worth of Dropbox Pro for free.

Are you among those Dropbox users who succumbed to the ‘Selective Sync’ bug?

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