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Google has uploaded its Google Play Store app for Android to the latest version of 5.0.31 which is a big step. The major feature that this update to the Play Store is that Google has pushed more material design features to it.  The users can have the feel of how Android L is going to be, more or less. We have already seen that the Google Play Store app with material design features had been rolled out to Android Users in July this year. Now the latest version 5.0.31 of the Google Play Store for Android has more to offer to the users in terms of Material Design as well as some new features.

Google Play Store 5.0.31The first thing that has changed with the app is that the app now has a brand new icon for itself. While the Play Store icon still looks like a shopping bag with the Google Play logo on it, the icon is now revised to be new. This is done to make the icon settle seamlessly into the material design feature.

The other visible difference is that the ‘What’s new’  section of any app which hold the information regarding the latest updates of the app is brought on to the top. As soon as you open any app to see its details, you could easily find that the ‘What’s new’ section of the details is highlighted and  is sitting on the top. This could make it easy for the users as they need not scroll down to the bottom so that they could see what new features are added to the app.

Google Play Store 5.0.31 for androidThe other new feature is that, if you add the Google Play Store widget to the home screen of your device, it prompts you to select one among the Google Play Services (All, Apps, Music, Books, Newsstand, Movies) that you would want as the icon on your widget.

With the new updated version of the Google Play Store come the new notification icons which give you details as to which apps are updated and how many.

A .apk file that is signed by Google and can be downloaded to install the latest version of Google Play Store in your Android device. If you feel that waiting for a very long time till Google actually pushes the update to your Android device is unnecessary, you could install the latest Play Store app through this .apk file.

Download the .apk file of Google Play Store 5.0.31 for Android

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Source: Android Police