angry birds seasons

Of the many versions available, Angry Birds Seasons is the one to receive an update today on the Windows Phone platform. Rovio has updated the Windows Phone version of Angry Birds Seasons to version and has introduces 24 free new levels to have fun with!

Remarkably, this is the same update the the Android version received two months ago! On the Windows Phone platform, along with these 24 levels come many new challenges and three bonus levels to get you occupied.

The list of features that are posted along with this update of Angry Birds Seasons on Windows Phone are:

SOUTH HAMERICA EPISODE! 24 free levels plus three bonus ones, each packed with relics, artifacts and… pesky piggies!

NEW PIG DAYS! Pig Days levels celebrate various special events, anniversaries and holidays from around the world – there’s a fun, new challenge almost every week!

The Windows Phone users who already have installed the game on their device can update to this latest version for free while any Windows Phone user who do not have this game installed on their device must pay $0.99 (INR 55.00) to install the latest version of the Angry Birds seasons on Windows Phone.

Download Angry Birds Seasons for Windows Phone from the Widows Phone Store

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