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If an app on your Windows Phone that you have downloaded from the Windows Phone Store often crashes or freezes and becomes unresponsive, you have come to the right place. This post suggests you the possible ways that you could try out whenever you have this problem.

Contact the app’s publisher:

If you feel that not only you but other Windows Phone users are also facing problems with a particular app,you can contact the app’s publisher. The problem with the features of any app are complete responsibility of its developer or publisher. If you face any issues while using any app that you have downloaded from the Windows Phone Store, you can always let its publisher know the problem.

This can help the app’s developer in knowing that what problem lies within the app and he can take suitable action by updating it or resolving the bug.

To report to the app’s publisher about the app’s issue:

– From the Start screen, swipe left to go to the App List. Locate the app with which you have a problem.

– Tap and hold on the App’s name

– Of the options that are given, tap on Rate and Review.

There, you could write to the publisher of the app about the issue you are facing.

Resolving methods:

If you are only user to face problems with the app, then it is suggested that you try out the following troubleshooting steps.

Verify the requirements of the app:

On the Windows Phone Store page from where you installed the app, there would be a list of requirements for the app that are given in the details tab. It mentions the file size, version number, required OS version, release date, and also other requirements such as access to data connection., location services, phone identity, push notifications, media library, web library etc.

You have to make sure that all the app requirements are met before the app is installed on your Windows Phone so that it runs without any problem.

Note that it is advisable to have more free space on your phone than the mentioned file size of the app. This ensures that the app will be installed and be running successfully.

Restart the phone:

If you are sure that the app met all the requirements stated in its details page, and if you are still facing a problem while running it, try restarting the phone once. This could solve the problem in many cases.

Check for app updates:

It may be that the app is updated and the older version of the app is no longer supported. All you need to do is head to the Windows Phone Store and check for any updates for the app. If there are updates available for that app, install them.

To check for all app updates:

– From the Start screen, tap on Store.

– Tap on Updates and if updates are available, tap on Update all

Note that installing updates of an app on your phone requires an internet connection.

Uninstall  and reinstall the app  :

To uninstall the app,

– Swipe left on the Start screen and go to the App List. Locate the app that you want to uninstall

– Tap and hold on the app’s name.

– Of the dropdown options, choose Uninstall.

The phone then ask you for a confirmation to uninstall the app. Tap on Yes and the app will be completely removed from the phone.

Go back to the Windows Phone Store and search for the same app and reinstall the app back in your Windows Phone.

Do not worry if it is a purchased app and there is a Buy option again  instead of Install. When you tap on Buy, a message appears on the phone’s screen saying that you have already purchased the app and you can install it again.

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