If you have tried too many times to unlock your Android device by pattern unlock or if you have forgot your lock screen password, there are other possible methods lo unlock your Android device. Those are discussed in this post.

Using Google Account:

If you have set a pattern lock for your Android device and you failed multiple times in unlocking the device, you can sign-in into your Google account and unlock your device. To do so, on the pattern-lock screen, tap on ‘Forgot Pattern‘ and this will prompt you to enter the username and password of your Google account.

If you have correctly entered the username and password of your Google account, the Android device will lead you to the Settings menu where you can reset your pattern lock.

If you are facing any issues while signing-in into your Google account, visit this page and follow the trouble-shooting steps given by Google.

Reset the Android to factory settings:

The other thing you can try when you are unable to unlock your Android device is resetting it to factory settings. Remember that by doing so, you will lose all the data stored in your phone.

Resetting your phone back to factory settings is method which can be different depending upon the make and model of the phone. Basically, it can be done through the Settings menu of any Android device, but since the problem we are dealing with does not allow us to to access any of those settings, we need to opt that hard-reset procedure which involves a particular combination of physical keys on the phone.

This combination is specific to the make and model of the Android device. Some of the hard-reset combinations are:

– How to hard reset Google Nexus 5

How to hard reset Sony Xperia U(st25i)

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy Grand duos GT-I9082

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy Star S5282

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582

Android device manager:

The other way to reset your Android device to factory settings is by using Android device manager. To be able to use Android device manager, you first need to enable it on your Android device using your Google account.

How to turn on Android device Manager:

To do that, on your device, go to Apps Menu -> Android device manager -> and turn on Allow remote lock and factory reset .

Whenever you face this unlocking problem, you can then erase all the settings of your device by using this Android device manager. To do so, go to android.com/devicemanager from any internet browser on your computer. If you have multiple Android devices linked to the same Google account, select the device which you want to reset and select Erase.

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