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Microsoft has blogged about the support that Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8.1 gives to HTML5 audio and video. Adaptive streaming based on latest web specifications along with full support of audio and video elements including inline video playback is now supported for Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8.1.

This can be a good news to the web site developers as they can make the media experiences of their web pages on Internet Explorer for mobile media applications even better.

About support for the HTML5 Audio and Video specifications,in a blog post in the IEBlog, Microsoft stated :

“Internet Explorer in Windows Phone 8.1 now provides full support for HTML5 media. Videos can play natively in the browser without plug-ins, and HTML5 media element events, attributes and properties are fully supported as well. Multiple audio elements can play simultaneously on a single page, making it possible to use HTML5 audio with games or interactive Web apps. And video playback works on a 512MB device. This is a mobile browser, after all!

One newly supported attribute is the Controls Attribute defined in the HTML5 specification. By using it, developers may elect to use the standard IE media playback controls rather than create custom ones.

<video src=”demo.mp4″ controls autoplay>
HTML5 Video is required for this example
Selecting Default Media Transport Controls Using the HTML5 Controls Attribute”

Additionally, Microsoft also mentioned about the flexibility that Internet Explorer provides to the website developers that they can choose to play videos on their web pages inline or full-screen and also that Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8.1 supports Media Source Extensions too!


With so many newly introduced options for website developers, Windows Phone 8.1 users can expect their Internet Explorer experience on their phone can be even better and engaging!

Share with us  in the comments about how you felt while experiencing the Internet Explorer 11 on Windows Phone 8.1?

More coverage can be found at Microsoft’s IEBlog here.

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