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When we want to install an app or download songs or other files into our Android devices, we often find the “USB Storage Full” message appearing on the display, even if the device has a minimum of 4-5 GB of free space available. This problem can also be found on new Android devices. In this post, let us see the behavior and also some solutions for this common problem in Android devices . The solutions mentioned in this post also work for the latest Android 4.4 Kitkat.

The following are the major results of this “USB Storage Full” problem in Android devices:

– Whenever a new picture is captured through the phone’s camera, the picture will not be stored in the phone.

– Gallery of the phone cannot be accessed

– Music player cannot be accessed

– New apps cannot be installed or updates to existing apps cannot be installed

Solutions to “USB Storage Full” Problem in Android devices:

The following are some possible solutions to the above said problem for Android devices. One of these might be the solution for your problem.

1) Power Cycle the phone:

In case you are facing this problem, the first and foremost thing that you should try doing is restarting the Android device. Doing so helps eliminate any minor software issues of the phone.

2) Clean Cache:

If restarting the phone did not work, the next thing to do is cleaning ‘cache’ from the Android device.

– One way of cleaning cache from the Android phone is by going to that particular app an cleaning cache of it. For example. to clear cache of the Gallery app in your Android device, go to Settings -> Storage -> Phone Storage -> Gallery . Tap Clear Cache under Cache.

In a similar fashion, cache of the other apps could also be cleared.

– The other method to clear cache is by installing an app to do the same. The advantage of doing so is that the app cleans the total cache from the phone at once. As suggested while explaining the solution to “USB Connection problem” in Android, Android Assistant could be one of the reliable apps to clear cache from the Android device.

However, this method works only if you already have such an app installed in your phone or if your phone allows you to install apps without displaying the “USB Storage Full” problem.

3)Take help of a File Manager:

We are so sure that there would be plenty of room available in our Android phones, but when we try to install a new app or take a picture copy some files into the phone, we get this irritating “USB Storage full” message. The major reason for this is that the storage space of our phone is being occupied by something else and we are ignorant of what it is.

To let us come out of this confusion, File Manager apps can come to our rescue. Install a good-rated File Manager app and inspect carefully about what is taking so much of space on the phone and if seems appropriate, clear that space.

4) Move apps to SD storage:

If the internal memory of your Android phone is low, it is recommended that you move all your apps to SD card memory and free-up phone’s storage. Remember that pre-installed apps cannot be moved to SD storage and one such example is the Gallery app.

Go to Settings -> Apps -> On phone Storage. This will display the list of all the apps that are installed in your phone’s memory and a tick mark will appear beside the apps name. To move any particular app from phone storage to SD storage, tap on that tick mark. Select Move from the ‘App info Window’ that opens soon after.

4) Perform a reset:

If nothing from the above works, perform a  reset on your phone memory. Before doing so, make sure you back up all the data from the phone. Go to Settings -> Storage -> Erase Phone Storage and this will clear all the music, video files, pictures and other data from your phone storage.

If you face USB Storage Full problem in your Android device, do try out these solutions and let us know in the comments how well they have worked for you!

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