15 gb bonus storage onedrive

Microsoft,on Friday, announced a bonus of 15 GB free storage on OneDrive for all the iPhone, Windows Phone and Android device users. Microsoft announced this in their blog post keeping iPhone users, mainly iOS 8 users in mind, but they have stretched the offer to Windows Phone and Android users too.

Starting today, the amount of free storage that the iPhone users get will be doubled. This implies that the free storage which was 15 GB till now will jump to 30 GB, thanks to additional 15 GB of camera roll bonus. This is a limited offer, so head fast to the OneDrive link for iOS and download it right now.

All that needs to be done is you need to signup for OneDrive and then activate the auto upload feature for your camera roll in your iPhone. With so much free storage, the existing iPhone users who are upgrading to iOS 8 or any new iPhone users need not worry about the space that your high resolution photos will eat up.

Download OneDrive for iOS.

For the non-iPhone users, and that means for the Windows Phone and Android users who already have activated the OneDrive camera roll on their devices can see their free storage going up to 30 GB in their OneDrive.

Download OneDrive for Windows Phone.

Download OneDrive for Android.