Android phones sometimes restart by themselves. If this happens once in a month or so, then it can be treated as a completely normal case. But if this repeats and becomes a frequent action like once or twice a day, then it must be considered as a serious problem. This post will try to put out the reasons behind this rebooting problem of Android devices and also some solutions that may help you out if such a situation arises.

Before going deep into knowing what can be the causes of this rebooting problem in Android devices, we will first look into what rebooting of Android device actually does. The rebooting of Android device may be classified as two types:

– The phone restarts completely. That is, it turns off, turns back on and the usual welcome tone is heard and the phone manufacturer’s logo will appear. This is called a full or complete restart. This usually takes a few minutes of time as all the apps installed in the Android device are loaded again.

– The phone does not turn off. Rather a white screen is shown for a few minutes and then everything will be back to normal. This reboot indicates that only the Android OS is being restarted and not the complete device. This is usually caused by an app.

The complete restart is considered to be more serious than the white screen restart because the latter can be resolved by finding the culprit app and uninstalling it. But the complete restart has many causes and finding the right cause for a particular device and then overcoming it is a bit of tedious work.

Now let’s look at some famous situations where you could find your Android device rebooting frequently:

– When accessing only certain features or trying to change certain settings, the device restarts

– When there are many apps running simultaneously, the device gets restarted

– Even when you do nothing, the phone sometimes restarts on its own

If you face any of the above problems, then it is advised that you read on to know about the possible causes and a few helpful solutions.

-If you observe full reboots happening to your Android device, using an outdated version of Android could be the cause to make your device reboot frequently. In that case, go to Settings in your device and check for new updates. If there are any, then download and install them.

– Full reboots happening to your Android device could also mean there is an issue with the hardware of your device, mainly the CPU overheating.

If you sense overheating of your phone during the reboot or after the reboot, then you can zero in that it is the hardware problem and consult your phone’s manufacturer service outlet in your place.

– Try to recollect if you have installed any new app or updated an existing app recently. An app could be doing all this to your Android device and it should not be so that you have the least idea about it. SO find that malicious app and uninstall it. Turning on Safe Mode on your Android device helps you with finding the culprit app. Read this to know how to use safe mode to find out and uninstall a malicious app.

– Apps running in the background means that the RAM is overloaded and this could be one cause for your rebooting problem on Android. So its always better to make sure tha are less or no apps running in the background to have a better RAM performance.

– Reset your phone back to factory settings if you are unable to detect the exact reason for your problem. Go to Settings -> Backup & Reset ->Reset phone

It is hoped that these tips will help you overcome your problem of frequent rebooting of your Android device. Try these and let us know how well they have worked for you!

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