We have seen in the last post abut how a locked Windows Phone 8.1 can still be at our service by allowing us to do various things like access to action center, ringer volume, Cortana or speech and camera. This post is its continuation which will help in shedding light on some more features that work on a Windows Phone 8.1 while it is still locked.

As already said, these features work for all Windows Phone 8.1 irrespective of whether you are on a Developers Preview with the latest Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 1 update or you are using the official Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Cyan installed. If you are already familiar with these, you could just give a reading to refresh your memory so that they may come to your help the next time you want to use your Windows Phone while it is still locked.

View calendar appointments along with date & time:

It is already known that the Windows Phone lock screen shows us the date and time. By adjusting some settings, calendar appointments can also be viewed at a glance on the lock screen, without unlocking the phone. To do so, the calendar app should be set to show the detailed status on the lock screen.

Go to Settings -> Lock screen -> Choose an app to show detailed status -> Calendar.

Note: If a reminder is set in the Calendar app, it will be shown on the top of the lock screen. To unlock the phone at that instant, it is required to dismiss the reminder first.

Catch up what you missed:

You could see what you missed while you were away for a movie or a meeting by a single glance at your lock screen. The bottom of the lock screen on Windows Phone 8.1 will give you a brief account of the messages, calls, emails, voice mails, social network updates that you have missed while you were away.

As already said, you could always add a little more detail to your lock screen by setting an app (for example:Calendar) as the detailed status notification.

Stay tuned to your favorite Music:

It does not require you to unlock your Windows Phone to resume or stop the music. Press the power button and the head portion of the screen will display the song which you last listened to along with play/pause, rewind, forward options.

Emergency calls:

To make an emergency call, there is absolutely no need for you to type the whole password and then unlock your Windows Phone. Press the power button to wake up your phone. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to make the keypad appear on the screen. Tap on ‘Emergency Call‘ and then you are ready to dial the emergency number of your area.

These are a few options of what you can do with your Windows Phone while it is still locked. If you have any more suggestions, make sure that you post them in the comments below! Stay tuned by subscribing to our blog for more!

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