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Sometimes it happens that the Bluetooth which was working very fine on our Android phone suddenly stopped even being visible or it could also be reluctant to pair with another phone. The most annoying of all is that the Bluetooth on your Android phone does not even switch on. In such cases, the following tips might help you out.

1. The basic fixing method that any Android user must know to employ is the power cycle method. this is nothing but turning your phone off, waiting for a minute or two and then turning it on again.This is a kind of soft reset to the Android phone and will fix very minor software issues, if any.

2. If your phone allows you to remove its battery, try doing it. Unlike the power cycle method, do not turn off your phone. While the phone is still on, remove the battery from its place. Wait for a minute or two and then place the battery back again from where it is pulled out. Now switch on the Android phone and check if the Bluetooth is working or not. If it does, fine. If it does not, then continue reading.

3. If the Bluetooth on an Android phone is not pairing with another smartphone, it could also be the fault of the other device and not your Android phone. So try pairing the other smartphone with any other device via Bluetooth. This way you could make sure that if the problem lies within your phone or not.

After doing this, if you found out that the problem lies within your Android device, then continue reading.

4. Sometimes, the Bluetooth settings of your phone might be preventing your phone from pairing with any other device. Clearing Cache from the Bluetooth of your Android device might come to your rescue if that is the case.

The path to go to the settings of the Bluetooth and clearing cache on your Android device depends on the model, make and also the Android version of your device. What you can do is go to “Application Manager” on your Android device and find the “Manage Applications” option. By doing so, you would be able to find “Bluetooth” in the list of all the applications that are displayed. Once you locate the Bluetooth option, go to its Settings and clear the cache.

Then, turn on Bluetooth on your Android device once again and check if Bluetooth is working fine or not. If doing so does not resolve your problem, the next step to so would be clearing the Bluetooth Data as well.

5. The  minor problem with clearing the Bluetooth data on an Android device is that  it will erase any current connections that are saved in your Bluetooth connection log. But it will not be much of a hassle because once the Bluetooth on your device is working fine, you would very easily be able to reconnect to those previous connections.

Follow the same steps that are taken while clearing the cache of Bluetooth. the only change is that, instead of tapping on “clear cache“, you should select “clear data” in the Bluetooth settings. Once your Bluetooth data is successfully cleared, then reboot your Android device once before you start checking  if the Bluetooth is fixed or not.

This step is most likely to solve the issues of Bluetooth connectivity/ pairing. If it does not, let us look at some more possible solutions.

6. It might be noticed but any of the apps that are installed on your Android phone might be the black sheep that is causing your Bluetooth to not work. Now, trying to find and weed out that particular application can be done by using your Android device in “Safe Mode“.

Turn ON “Safe mode” on your Android device and check if the Bluetooth is working properly or not. If you find  that the phone now has no problem, then you can be sure that it is an app that is causing all this trouble. Now, your duty would be to find the apps that were installed when this problem arose, and uninstall them.

7. If you have installed your Android phone with a custom ROM software, i.e upgrading your phone to a higher version of Android even if the official update is not available, then it is most likely that this kind of problems arise. Bluetooth connectivity is one of the frequent problems that occur in such cases. If you have done the same, it is recommended that you downgrade your Android phone’s software to its earlier version, with which it was working fine.

8. If nothing of the aforementioned steps work, then you can opt for a hard reset. Hard reset is an all in one tool that guarantees removal of most of the software issues arising in the Android smartphones. However, one probe with the hard reset is that it erases ALL the data like contacts, apps and games, messages etc from the phone. The complete guide to hard rest any Android phone is given in the link below. Make sure you check that out.

How to hard reset Android

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