Did you ever get frustrated in losing keys to your lock or getting confused with the lock code of your lock? Well, Noke (pronounced as “no key” ) could be a possible solution to end all that frustration.

Noke is the world’s first Bluetooth padlock by Fuz Designs which can be paired with the user’s Android or iOS device and it automatically unlocks when the device is near.

Noke comes with a water-resistant casing and weighs about 8 ounce and contains a replaceable battery that lasts up to one year. It also has a Blue LED on its front which lights on to indicate that the lock is in operation.

To unlock Noke, a press on the lock’s shank is required. This wakes up the Noke lock and then it searches for a smartphone that is paired with it. Users can also set it to unlock in such a way that when the user’s smartphone is within a distance of 10 feet, Noke automatically detects it and unlocks itself. All this happens without opening the app or fumbling for the smartphone.

Another feature of Noke is that, if ever the user forgets his smartphone or if the battery of the paired smartphone dies, user can unlock Noke using customized taps. These customized taps can be created before hand to avoid any hassle when the need arises.noke access sharing

Additionally, unlocking Noke could be shared to other Android or iOS smartphones too, if the owner wishes to do so. The access given to other users can be controlled with a time limit or can be  given for unlimited time. There will also be a history option in the app that lets the user see who has access to the Noke and also it lets the user know when and what have they unlocked.

For people who are interested in buying Noke,  the Noke Team are making it available to pre-order starting at $59 with an estimated delivery in February 2015,  while the retail price would be starting at $89. The Noke Team had the aim of reaching $100,000 via Kickstarter in 30 days, but the sum has already crossed the goal and reached $112,509 with 1,147 people placing orders.

Interested in Noke? Then head to this link given below to gather more information or to place an order.

Noke: The world’s first Bluetooth Padlock.

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