Two days back, official twitter account of the Nokia developer team has tweeted that the developer devices of Lumia 920, 620 and 820 will be getting the Cyan update shortly.

Nokia Developer Team on Twitter


This has raised a confusion among many Windows Phone users that whether the update would be rolling out to the Developer Preview version of the mentioned devices.

But Nokia Developer Team took to twitter again and clarified the doubt by saying that the mentioned Cyan OTA update was only to specific Developer variants and not devices with Developer Preview installed.

Nokia Developer Team  nokiadeveloper  on Twitter


That said, Windows Phone users who have Preview for Developers installed should have to wait a little more longer to receive the Cyan update without downgrading back to Windows Phone 8.0. Till now, Lumia 625, 925, 1520,1320, 520 and 720 are the Lumia devices to receive the Cyan update and among those, the first ones i.e the Lumia 625 and the Lumia 925 have been lucky to receive the Cyan update even with Developers Preview installed.

However, it was only after that, the Bitlocker issue has been spotted and Microsoft took a decision not to roll out the Cyan update to Windows Phones with Developers Preview.

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