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For every Android and iPhone user out there who wants to chat with their friends on Facebook, using the Facebook Messenger is mandatory now. But that does not mean users have to bear the constant notification beeps that sound off whenever a new message is received.

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Disabling notifications in Facebook Messenger is not straight forward as there is no such setting within the app. All the app lets the users do is turn off the notification for an hour or until 8.am the next day. But there is also a way to turn them off completely. This post will let you know how to turn off notifications for Facebook Messenger on Android and iPhone.

How to turn off notifications for Facebook Messenger in Android:

– Go to ‘Settings‘ in the Android device.

– Scroll down to ‘Apps’ section.

– Select ‘Messenger

– tap on the checkbox beside ‘Show Notifications‘ and make sure that the tick mark is removed.

Doing so disables the notifications but the chat heads still show up whenever a friend messages. Luckily, this setting can be changed from within the app.

Open the Facebook Messenger app. Go to “Settings” -> “Notifications” -> “Chat Heads” ->”Off“.

turn off notifications fb messenger Android

How to turn off Notifications for Facebook Messenger in iPhone:

– Go to Settings” from the Home Screen.

– Tap on Notification Center”

– Tap on Messenger”

There the users can choose what kind of notifications to appear.

turn off notifications fb messenger iPhone

The advantage of disabling notifications is that new messages still show up in the “Messages” section of the main Facebook app but they won’t make any sounds.

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