swarm for windows phone 8.1

Foursquare labs have introduce a new check-in app called “Swarm” for Windows Phone 8.1 . The company has rolled out this app Wednesday while it was made available to Android and iOS platforms several months back.

“Swarm” app combines the old ‘check-in’ feature of Foursquare with the new location sharing feature. The developers believe that this makes it easy for people to find their friends nearby.

Neighborhood sharing is another feature exclusive to swarm (not available in Foursquare) that allows users to see which neighborhood their friends are sharing.

Swarm is made compulsory for all Android and iOS users for check-ins but Windows Phone users have a flexibility to choose between Foursquare r Swarm to check-in.

Anyone interested with Swarm? Give it a try and let us now what you feel about it!

Download Swarm for Windows Phone 8.1 from Windows Phone Store.

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