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Cortana is the Microsoft’s voice enabled digital assistant, just like Apple’s Siri. Cortana comes available only on Windows Phone, obviously. With the latest Windows Phone 8.1 Update (GDR1) being made available to developer versions of Windows Phone, people of  Australia, Canada, China, India, U.K and the U.S have been able to experience Cortana on their Windows Phone.

Since Cortana is new to Windows Phone, app developers are working on making support available for Cortana on their apps. So far, some of the apps have been successful in doing so and it is expected that more are to follow.

If you want to know among the apps that you have installed on your Windows Phone, if you want to know which apps have got integration to Cortana, you can check this way:

– Launch Cortana by pressing the search button search button windows phone on the bottom right of the phone

– Tap on “See More

– Scroll down to “Apps

There you will find the list of the non-native apps that are integrated to work with Cortana.

Here in this post, let us see some of the apps that respond to user’s voice commands by having Cortana integration.

1) Skype:

Skype on Windows Phone

Skype is a very popular app that almost needs no introduction. For most people, Skype has been a part of their lives and what’s new, Microsoft has integrated Skype fully with Cortana for Windows Phone. With that done, Cortana can now place a video call or just a voice call for whomever you want. All you need to do is, say “Skype, call [contact name]” or “Skype, video call [contact name]“.

Get Skype for Windows Phone fro the Windows Phone Store here.

2) MixRadio:

mix radio windows phone

MixRadio is a music-streaming app which acts much like a personal radio station for a Windows Phone user. With Cortana integration to the app, playing the favorite songs of the user has become much easier. By saying, “MixRadio, play me“, user’s favorite songs will start playing. If at any given time the user wants to skip a track, all he need to say to Cortana is “MixRadio, Skip“. Currently MixRadio is available in only some countries.

Download MixRadio for Windows Phone from Windows Phone Store here.

3) FourSquare:

Foursquare app for windows phone

users can now add a check-in to Foursquare with the help of Cortana. By saying, “Foursquare, checkin“, Cortana happily takes the command and updates it. Cortana can also show what’s being offered at the nearby restaurants if users ask her.

Download Foursquare for Windows Phone from Windows Phone Store.

4) Twitter:

twitter on Android

Writing tweets has now been made easier with Cortana integration for the official twitter app. Say, “Twitter, new tweet“, to Cortana and she will open the app. To compose a new tweet, say it aloud and Cortana will type what is said. Users can edit the message or repeat it again if they find a flaw with with the composed tweet.

Cortana can also give search results for a keyword or a hashtag. Say “Hashtag, [word]” and Cortana will display all the results based on that hashtag.

Download Twitter for Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Store.

The recently updated ‘Upload to YouTube” has also added Cortana integration to upload last video as its new feature. Any guesses as to where this is going?

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