open password protected file on windows phone 8.1 gdr1

Windows Phone 8.1 (GDR1) came with a lots of new features to Windows Phone which includes support for live folders, Cortana (to China, India, UK, Australia and Canada), live Store tile and more. But it also brought a pretty big improvement to Microsoft Office for Windows Phone.

Previously, users were not able to open password-protected documents on Windows Phone. Whenever such documents are tapped to open, an error message which indicates the inability to open the document had appeared. But now, Microsoft Office for Windows Mobile is enhanced with the new GDR1 update that asks for the respective password when such a document is opened.

It was discovered by while they were trying to open a password-protected Word document in a Lumia 925 when they has no other device to go for.

The new feature just allows users to read the pass-word protected file by entering the respective password but still does not give the ability to edit them. Considering that even opening the file was not possible previously, this is a good addition.

What do you think of this new useful feature for Office Mobile for Windows Phone? Do you think it should also add the ability to edit on the go? Let us know in the comments.

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