Lumia cyan update rolls out today july 15 2014

Lumia Cyan, the most awaited update for Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices, which brings Windows Phone 8.1 and many new features with it is already rolling out to some of the Lumia Windows Phones. Lumia 625, 925, 1520, 1320, 1020 and 520 (in some regions) have already received the update. There are also other Windows Phone users who are still waiting eagerly to update their Windows Phone to Windows Phone 8.1 through Lumia Cyan. This post can come to help of those users in guiding them to update their Phone to Lumia Cyan smoothly.So here’s how.

– The Lumia device automatically checks for latest updates if the respective setting is enabled. Once it is connected to Wi-Fi, the updates will be prompted to be downloaded.  To check for the availability of the update, users can head to Settings -> Check for updates on their Lumia devices.

It is always recommended that users connect their Lumia smartphone to a Wi-Fi network before starting to download the update as this will not eat up all the data on their mobile data plan.


– The Lumia Cyan update is a big one and for convenience, it is split into two parts. After the first part is successfully installed, the phone will check for updates again. Make sure that you install all the updates that prompt you to do so.

– Make sure that you have your Lumia phone fully charged or at least connect it to a charger before starting the download.

Depending on your download speed and due to the large size of the update, it takes a lot of time for the update to install. It may take around one to two hours for complete installation. So have patience and don’t panic if it takes more time for the update to install.

– After the Lumia Cyan update is completely installed, some apps may require to be updated to enable the new features. So check the app updates in the Windows Phone Store. Lumia Cyan also allows users to check app updates automatically.  In the Settings, swipe left to go to applications and then tap on Store to enable this.

– Sometimes, the Windows Phone may prompt the user to re-enter the details and passwords of his accounts.

NOTE: Lumia Cyan update can be installed only on Lumia Devices without Developer Preview. Users need to downgrade the OS of the Lumia back to Windows Phone 8.0 to avail the update. This can be done via Nokia Software Recovery tool

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