Cortana for Windows Phone 8.1

Cortana can keep track of your interests when you let her know what they are. Once a Windows Phone 8.1 user adds a particular thing like weather information in a place, favorite sports team updates or news headlines, Cortana keeps track of those things and never misses to give you an update on those. These interests that users add get saved to “Cortana’s Notebook“.

Cortana’s Notebook comes with some default interests that can be turned off by the user at any given time. They are:

– Weather near me: Cortana gives weather updates near the place where user stays. The user can always turn it off if he wants to or can change the place to somewhere else.

Headline News: The headline news again contains some sub-topics (ex: business, entertainment, health, politics, sports, technology etc) that can be chosen as interests. Users can select any or all of the above listed sub-topics for news interests. Cortana will use the default news interests unless changed by the user.

Trip planner: At times f planning a vacation or a business trip, users can add the trip details and let Cortana help with the traffic updates, flight statuses and depending upon the region, Cortana can also give the rail information.

– Getting around: For the routes the users use daily, Cortana gives the traffic updates and alerts the user in case it takes extra time to reach the destination.

– Daily glance: Daily glance is a feature in which Cortana puts together all things like the weather information, traffic updates and news headlines for the user to have a glance.

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How to find interests with Cortana:

– Press the search button search button windows phone to the bottom right of the phone to open Cortana and Slide on the screen towards up and the latest notifications that Cortana has put together will be displayed.


– Swipe left on the Start screen to go to the App list. Tap on Cortana to see the notifications of the interests.


–  Pin Cortana to the Start screen from the App list. Now, whenever the Live tile of Cortana is tapped, notifications of the user’s interest will be displayed.

How to add interests to Cortana:

– Press the search button search button windows phone to the bottom right of the phone to open Cortana.

– Tap on Cortana’s Notebook (the three bars icon cortana notebook icon) to the top right corner of the screen.

– Tap on “Interests” 

– Tap on “Add” (plus sign add icon windows phone) to the bottom of the screen and tap on any category to explore it further and :

  • Tap on any subject that you find interesting to add it to the interests.
  • If the interest you want is not in the list, type in the search box and then add it to interests.

Microsoft has recently added a video to show how users can add interests on Cortana. Be sure to check it out here below!

NOTE: Cortana is currently available only in Australia, Canada, China, India, U.K and the U.S.

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