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It was only WhatsApp till yesterday that added support for Android wear on Android devices. Now Facebook Messenger also joins it as Facebook updated its Messenger app for Android with Android wear support.

This updates brings new features to those of you who use Facebook Messenger only on your Android smartphone or for those who use Android wear.

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For the Messenger on the Android smartphone, users can now like messages or mute conversations directly from the notification drawer and improvements have been added to give better performance of the app.

Coming to the Android wear support, when the users get a message notification, the notification pops up on their Android smartwatch too. That is petty normal. But now, Facebook has extended that support so that the app now allows users to reply to messages by voice from their Android smartwatches. Directly from the wrist, again! Just like WhatsApp.

Are you excited with this update? Let us know what you think!

Download latest Facebook Messenger for Android from Google Play

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