wunderlist for windows phone 8.1

The beta of Wunderlist is available for Windows Phone now at the Windows Phone Store. The version of the app that sits currently at the store is the beta v3.0.0.1 , the latest version of the app that is available on the iOS and Android too, and can be downloaded for Windows Phone 8.1.

Wunderlist is an app that helps users organize their ideas, to-do lists, vacation visits, project plans etc., so that they can be available at any time. Wunderlist works in a way that it syncs any list created instantly between the user’s computer, phone and tablet.

The features of the latest v3.0.0.1 of Wunderlist are:

– New intuitive design and reengineered apps to make Wunderlist faster than before

– Real-time Sync that instantly updates your lists

– Simple way to share to-do lists

– Comments are free to help anyone stay in the loop with family and colleagues

– Curate your favorite things to do, see and make for everyone on the web with public lists

With more than 1,000,000 installs on Android and with a 4+ rating on iOS, it is yet to see how much popularity this app gains on Windows Phone platform.

Are you going to try Wunderlist Beta for Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments!

Download Wunderlist Beta fro Windows Phone 8.1 from the Windows Phone Store.

Download Wunderlist for Android from Google Play

Download Wunderlist v3.0 for iPad and iPhone from App Store

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