google workshop for nexus devices

Google is reportedly to launch a new tool called “Google Workshop”. Wondering what that is? Well, Google Workshop helps users get a customized cases for their devices, like the ones shown above, and that service is currently being confined only to Nexus 5 devices.

The news came out from Android Police who reported that users of devices such as Nexus 5 smartphones and Nexus 7 tablets are soon going to get the facility of customizing the back covers and cases  in a variety of colors and of various options of their own devices. Currently there are two options- MapMe and Moments – for the users to choose what their back covers or cases would be.

MapMe is a service option that let the users customize the case based on a location of their choice.  Workshop is said to offer users some suggestions based on their current location or other interests. From there, user gets to choose the color and text to be appeared on the cover.

Moments is another option of the Workshop which allows users to upload photos of their choice that showcase the best moments of their life. One of those photos can be chosen as the case design by adding filters, text and also choosing the position of the image while the others can be packed to make a live wallpaper.

Until now, only Motorola has given users the option to choose what the back cover of their Moto X should be, but there was no customization involved. If this Google Workshop launches, this could become a really interesting feature and would take official Nexis accessories to a next level.

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