popeye stickers in bbm shop

Well, we all know how fun it is to use a sticker which can convey a message of a lot of words. That is the only reason for BBM sticker packs to do so well. To add more joy, BBM shop now has place for another awesome sticker pack enabled for BlackBerry devices- the Popeye stickers!

There are a totoal of 20 stickers available from the Popeye sticker batch which includes Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto and also Swee’pea and the whole batch costs $1.99 just like any other sticker batch in the BBM Shop. Along with these, BBM has also added another batch of emoticons that cover expressions and these cost $0.99.

Anyone interested in the Popeye stickers? If not, try the new emoticons.

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