VLC for Windows 8.1

The developer team of VLC Media Player is dropping Windows 8.0 support, concentrating only on Windows 8.1, Thomas Nigro stated in his blog post today along with sharing some more details regarding the app’s interface and also it’s arrival to Windows 8.1 and  Windows Phone.

The developers has decided to make the app universal with 90 percent of the code being shared between Windows Phone and Windows and have the exact same features except DLNA support on Windows Phone, which might change. The app is also said to support all types of hardware including the low-end devices like the Lumia 520. However, Thomas Nigro says that the app is more responsive on a tablet.

VLC for Windows Phone 8.1

The VLC app for Windows 8.1 is expected to be arriving to the Windows Store very soon, but not this week. The Windows Phone app is still facing some issues with the ARM compiler, says the blog post, after which are fixed the app is said to be all set to hit the Windows Phone Store.

Along with this information, he also posted some real-time screen shots to have a glance at what the new VLC looks like.

More at: blog.thomasnigro.fr

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