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Microsoft has finally let Cortana out of US and is making her available to China, UK, India, Canada and Australia. While China and UK get Cortana in the ‘beta’, the people of Canada, India and Australia get her as an ‘alpha’. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore posted this in the Windows Phone Blog while making the first update to Windows Phone 8.1 official.

Cortana named “Xiao Na” for China:

Cortana is nick named “Xiao Na” for China and got some special features than the US version. One main difference is that she supports Chinese (Mandarin) in voice, text and speech. Different visual appearance, animations and sounds are another features of Cortana for China. “She also has specialized suggestions tuned specifically for people living in China, like air quality information in weather cards, information about driving restrictions, and the ability to track local TV shows and celebrities” says Joe Belfiore in his blog post. However, Xiao Na can look up for English words in the Bing dictionary too.

Cortana for UK:

Cortana has been made to support spellings and pronunciations according to UK and Bing powered local data on sports team, London Stock Exchange, commuter conditions and more. People of UK can also have localized voice and British accent from Cortana.

Updates for Cortana in the U.S:

There are also minor improvements for Cortana in the U.S too. They include natural language scenarios, snooze times for reminders, ability to access Cortana hands-free in the car for phones connected to Bluetooth kits that are integrated with the user’s contacts.

Cortana in “alpha” for Canada, India and Australia:

Along with expanding Cortana’s availability to to China and UK, Microsoft is starting an “alpha” program in India, Canada and Australia. “This early adopter program will be opt-in and give people the ability to try Cortana using English language models from the US and the UK.” says the blog post.

What do you think of this new expansion of Cortana to other countries? Let us know in the comments.

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