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While the Windows Phone 8.1 is still to be rolled out to most of the Windows phone models around the world, it seems that Microsoft is already planning to release update 1 of the Windows Phone 8.1. While most of the features this update brings are said to be for the manufacturers, there are also few changes that could be to the consumer side.

One of those is the native folder support, the feature which already iOS and Android platforms have, which allows users to segregate different apps into a folder.

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The other feature that this Update 1 of Windows Phone 8.1 brings to Windows Phone is the support for interactive cases. Interactive cases are those which allow phones to wake up when the case is opened or they are also used to display information when the case is closed (like the HTC dot view case).

It is also rumored that HTC is planning to manufacture a Windows Phone in the model of its Android HTC One handset, and if that happens to be true, it could lead to having a dot view case even for the HTC’s Windows Phone.

htc dot view case

Other improvements include support for 1200 x 800 screen resolution and support for 7-inch devices, a medium live tile for Store app and Voice over LTE support. Microsoft has finalized the Update 1 in its Dev Centre, but has not announced out to the world. It is expected that Microsoft would release this Update 1 to Windows Phone 8.1 in August.

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