Meet Cortana

It seems like Microsoft has decided to take a step further with Cortana and lately, Microsoft has added a new page exclusively for Cortana in the official Windows Phone website –– to make more people around the world know about what Cortana is capable of. It’s just earlier we saw how Microsoft took down Siri with Cortana in its latest commercial.Now it’s time to “Meet Cortana” on her new page dedicated for her.

WATCH: Cortana wins against Siri in Microsoft’s latest commercial

The page has all about Cortana, what it is and how it can help its users. Instead of a regular way, Microsoft has made this page pretty different by creating a feel to the readers that Cortana herself is describing about how she can “help making life easier” to us.

You can “Meet Cortana” here from the official website of Windows Phone. Make sure you drop a comment or two here in the comments box regarding how you feel about Cortana’s new page.

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