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Windows Phone 8.1 brought many new features to Windows Phone some of which were word flow, storage sense, Cortana (currently only for U.S), customizable start screen background, transparent tiles and many more. Installing apps directly to SD card is one more feature that Windows Phone presents us, provided the phone allows a microSD card. This post will give the details on how to install apps directly to SD card which can be of great use because it saves space on phone.

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How to install apps and games directly to SD card in Windows Phone 8.1:

Apps and games can be directly installed into the SD card on Windows Phone 8.1 with Storage sense. This is how to do it:

1. From the Start screen, slide to the left and go to the App list

2. Scroll down and select Storage Sense

3. Among the categories photos, apps, downloads and media, tap on apps if you want to install apps directly onto the SD card in the future. Or you can select any of the four categories displayed.

4. Select SD card option for the category chosen.

That’s it. Once you select SD card for the apps category, all the apps you install in the future will be installed directly onto the SD card leaving that much amount of space on the phone free.

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