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At times when the phone becomes unresponsive or if unlocking the phone fails, hard reset method can be applied. But doing so will result in data loss. Since Windows Phones have built in backup option to OneDrive, it is advised that the user should backup his Windows phone from time to time. This post will show how to perform hard reset of Nokia Lumia 625 using key combination.

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How to hard reset Nokia Lumia 625:nokia lumia 625 hard reset

1. Power off the phone

2. After the phone is completely turned off, press and hold the power button. The phone vibrates.

3. Immediately leave the power button. Then press and hold the Volume down button. An exclamation mark will be seen on the screen.hard reset nokia lumia 625

4. Then press the keys in the following order one after the other:

– Press Volume up

– Press Volume Down

– Press Power

– Press Volume down

5. NOKIA logo will appear and two gear icons will be displayed. This indicates that the phone is undergoing reset process. Wait patiently until the format completes.

1 hard reset nokia lumia 625

6. After the format is complete, NOKIA will appear on the screen and the phone will prompt the user to select language. Select required language and tap on OK.

3 hard reset nokia lumia 625

7. The phone reboots again and the user will be led to “SET UP YOUR PHONE” process.

4 hard reset nokia lumia 625

8. Follow the instructions given by the phone and setup the Lumia 625 Windows Phone.

That’s it. This is the method to perform hard reset on Nokia Lumia 625 smartphone.

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Some users who performed this hard reset procedure said that their phones were getting stuck in between. If such is the case, for Windows Phone 8 and above, Nokia Software Reset tool can be used to bring the phone back to normal.

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