BBM beta for Windows Phone

BBM Beta which was released earlier this month has gained a huge response from Windows Phone users. The statistics that BlackBerry provided in its official blog ensures that. Within 24 hours of its opening for sing-ups, BlackBerry beta has received 10,000 registrations for BBM Beta for Windows Phone.

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Today, BBM Beta has upgraded to a newer version which brings Transparent tile feature to it long with fixing many issues the previous version had. The following is new in the latest version of BBM beta for Windows Phone:

  • Transparent Live Tile
  • Crashing of BBM when sending a picture more than 16 MB is fixed
  • Every time a picture or a comment is added, group icon on BBM flickered. Now that is fixed.
  • Reading personal messages has been made convenient for low resolution screens
  • Searching for contacts now displays the virtual keyboard and the search results go with the input given in the virtual keyboard
  • Typing can be now seen when keyboard is up on the screen
  • Time taken to send a high quality picture is now reduced

That is a great deal of issues to be fixed and with that, BlackBerry assures that there is more to come from them to the BBM for Windows Phone.

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So, the lucky folks who got into the Beta testing program of BBm can update their app. And those Windows Phone users who did not get the BBM beta, there’s good news for you too:  BlackBerry made it clear that the official BBM for Windows Phone in its blog post.

Windows Phone users who are already using the BBM beta, what do you think of the app so far? Let us know in the comments.

Download BBM Beta for Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Store

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