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Starting this week, Google is giving a new Explore option to Google Maps on Android and iOS devices. Whenever users want to discover places around their area, all they need to do is tap on the Explore option to the bottom right corner of the map on the phone’s screen. Users can explore areas other than around them on the map too, so that it makes easier to plan for a vacation or a holiday.

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Explore displays places that are nearby to the user; user can set what “nearby” means to him. He can set a place that takes 5 min walk or a 15 min walk as “nearby” and according to the Settings, Explore displays the places around him and it is also very smart to suggest places based on the time of the day and the climate at a given time.

So you don’t have to worry about wandering over to a breakfast spot for dinner or arriving at a park just in time for a thunderstorm. You’ll get the best results when you’re signed in with location reporting and history turned on“, says Taj Campbell in a Google Maps blog post.

Android users can tap on the ‘My Location’ button (or the blue dot) to the bottom right on their map to find out more about the location once the user reaches his destination. Once this button is tapped, more information about the location such as the reviews or the schedule of the place (if it is a visiting place) will be displayed.  Explore will adapt to the user’s location experience as he confirms the places he visits.

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So, the next time you are out to grab a breakfast or on some holiday, try to Explore on Google Maps and let us know what you think of the new feature!

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