Sony Xperia U

In most of the cases, people face problems with the pattern lock on their smartphones. Whenever the user forgets the pattern lock, it is almost impossible to unlock the smartphone as there would not be not be too many chances to try out their luck. If such is the case, it is better to reset the smartphone to factory settings using a code.  This post helps  with resetting Sony Xperia U when  pattern-unlock attempts fail.

How to hard reset Sony Xperia U (st25i)

1. Just below the pattern unlock, there will be two options and the one on the left is for ‘Emergency Call‘.

sony xperia hard reset 1

2. Tap on it and the phone will display the user with a dial pad. Enter the code :  *#*#7378423#*#*

sony xperia u hard reset code

3. Do not press any other number key or do not call. The phone will automatically display a settings menu as soon as you finish entering the full code.

4. Out of the options displayed on the screen, tap on ‘Customization Settings‘.sony xperia u hard reset 2

5. The tap on ‘Reset Customization‘.sony xperia u hard reset 3

6. Then, the phone will power off and SONY logo will appear followed by XPERIA. This will remain on the screen for several minutes as the phone undergoes the reset process. Have patience and wait until the XPERIA logo disappears.

7. Then the phone will prompt the user to select the language and other settings.

That’s it. This is all that is needed to be done to reset Sony Xperia U smartphone.

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