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Until now, sharing documents between Gmail and Google drive has been a very comfortable experience on a desktop but doing the same has been a bit cumbersome as the integration between the Gmail mobile app and the Google Drive mobile app on iOS has not been added.

But now, Google has updated its Gmail app for iOS and integrated with the Google Drive app for a seamless document sharing experience. What this update gives to the user is the flexibility of inserting and saving files directly from the Google Drive into any email in the Gmail app on the smartphone or tablet using the “Insert from Drive” and “Save to Drive” options.

insert files from drive to iOS

Before sending the email, the user can change the sharing settings of the file. “The app will even tell you if the file isn’t shared with the person you’re sending it to so that you can change the sharing settings before you send it”, explains official Gmail’s blog post.

save from gmail to drive

If the user has multiple Gmail accounts, then its under his control to choose which accounts to be visible on the app. The new update also allows its users to change their profile picture right from the Settings of the Gmail menu. An update with similar features has also been rolled out to Android devices.

Gmail app for Android from Google Play

Gmail app for iOS from the App Store

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