Skype 5.0 for Android

Skype just got updated to version 5.0 on Android and brought a new feature along with it – Finding friends automatically. With this latest version installed, Skype on your Android device will connect itself to your phone book. This makes it a lot more easier to find known people on Skype considered to searching for friends among the 300 million users of Skype.

After the latest version of Skype is installed on your Android device, you will be prompted to verify your phone number in the coming months. From there, Skype will automatically search for matching contacts between Skype and your Address book. When any contact match is found, Skype will show up new contacts in your ‘Skype People’ list.

There is a bonus for the folks who use Microsoft account to sign in to Skype. The new version will connect automatically to your address books on other Microsoft accounts like or Windows 8 so it becomes even more easier to connect with people you know on Skype.

Skype 5.0 for android settings

But, all of this can happen only if you want it to. It means, you are in charge of making the decision as to whether you want your address book contacts to be automatically added to Skype or not and this can be chosen from the Settings. And there is also an assurance from Skype that your phone number will not be listed in your public profile. You can always edit your number and if you don’t want to be found using your phone number, you will also have an option of deactivating it.

Ready to find more friends on Skype? Go grab the latest version Skype 5.0 from the Play Store and share your comments with us!

Download Skype for Android from Google Play.

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