OS X Beta Program

Apple is all set to release the beta program of its latest OS X Yosemite today, i.e Thursday. That implies, anyone with a Mac can download OS X Yosemite beta,starting Thursday. Users who wish to download this beta need to register first,though.

If you are a Mac user and you wish to get the beta of OS X in their Mac,  all you need to do is register in the OS X Beta Program website. After you are completed with the registration, Apple will notify in email about the instructions to download OS X beta on your Mac. This registration is also necessary for those who registered for OS X Mavericks.

Since this is a beta program, it is obvious that the OS would be having some glitches. But OS X Yosemite has been made available to the developers since it was launched at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 of Apple. So the program is expected to be stable by now. It is also to be noted that the general public users would not get as many updates as the developers,

The advantage of  downloading the beta program of OS X is that, once it is officially released, it becomes easy to install without removing or re-installing older versions. If the users of this beta OS X program have any complaints or suggestions, there will always be a Feedback Assistant option available.

Interested to download the OS X beta on your Mac? Then head to the OS X Beta program website here and register yourself!

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