OneDrive app for iOS and Windows Phone has been updated and brought new features to both the platforms. The update changed the version of OneDrive on iOS to 4.3 and the Windows Phone OneDrive app has been updated to version 4.2.

OneDrive app update for Windows Phone:

OneDrive 4.2 for Windows Phone

By allowing users to select people from all contacts and recently shared contacts, sharing is made easier from OneDrive on Windows Phone. Upload and download status pages have also been added to the app for Windows Phone with this update. The complete changelog is:

1. The ability to download files and pick where to save them

2. A new progress page for uploading and downloading

3. Improvements in picking contacts while sharing files

4. Bug Fixes and performance improvements

Download OneDrive for Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Store

OneDrive app update 4.3 for iOS:

OneDrive 4.3 for iOS

The previous update to OneDrive app for iOS made it possible to backup photos and videos. But considerng users feedback that they would like to exclude the option to upload videos, OneDrive team added that feature. Video playback has also been made better. Now users need not download or wait for the videos to buffer. they can directly view the videos from their OneDrive account. the complete changelog is listed below:

1. Option to exclude video upload from Camera backup.

2. Improved sharing experience including AirDrop support.

3. improvements in video playback

4. Bug fixes and improvements.

Download OneDrive for iOS here.

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