BBM beta app which was made available to select registered users picked up a small update yesterday.  The app went to from version to version

Read: BBM Beta now available for Windows Phone for select registered users

BlackBerry has not provided any changelog for the update at first and it was expected that the update would bring bug fixes and improvements. No new features were expected as the version number change is a small one. Later, BlackBerry has updated with the changelog and mentioned that the update improved many things like:  app launch time, sending email invites, time taking to switch to a newer device from an older one, device global language settings, sending queued invite/acceptances and many more.

If you are one lucky Windows Phone user who got into the beta program of BBM for Windows Phone, comment below and let us know what you think of the updated BlackBerry Beta.

Download BBM Beta for Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Store here.

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