Apple has added a new feature in the iPhone 5 that allows its users to capture photos while recording video at the same time. This come come to use when the user is recording a video and suddenly happens to want to take a photo. This article gives in steps how to capture pictures while simultaneously recording a video on iPhone:

1. From the Home screen, open the Camera.

2. Set the camera in the video mode. The start or stop record button (the red one) will be appearing on the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap on the start/stop video button to start recording. Beside this record video button, a camera button (or a white circle) will be displayed on the screen.

4. Whenever the user wants to click a picture while recording a video, it is sufficient to tap on that camera button (or white circle).

how to take pictures while recording video iphone

5. Immediately, the screen will turn white for a moment which indicates that a photo is captured. Simultaneously, the video will continue to record. These photos captured will be added to the iPhone‘s camera roll.

So, that is one great feature that came with iPhone 5’s native camera app. However, the quality of the image captured in this way is lesser than the photo captured normally in camera mode.

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