Nokia Lumia 520

Whenever you find your Lumia smartphone is experiencing software related problems or software update problems, you can try using the Nokia Software Recovery Tool. This application helps in recovering and restoring the phone’s software right from your PC. If the Lumia Windows Phone is running on Windows Phone 8, then this tool can also be used to recover the phone if the Windows Phone stops responding.

Before using  the Nokia Software Recovery tool on your Lumia Windows Phone, make sure you meet the following requirements:

1. PC to be used should run on Windows 7 OS or above.

2. A USB cable to connect your Windows Phone to the computer is required.

3. Minimum 4GB of free storage space on the PC

Then, download the Nokia Software Recovery Tool and install it on the computer. Launch/Run the Nokia Software Recovery Tool from the desktop and connect the Lumia smartphone to the computer using its USB cable. Select the suitable USB mode “Nokia Suite” or “Modem” if prompted.

Download: Nokia Software Recovery Tool from here

After successfully connecting the Lumia phone to the computer, the Nokia Software Tool window will display the latest version of the software that can be installed on the Lumia phone that is connected. Click on “Install” and that software will be installed. This will take some time so be patient and DO NOT disconnect the Lumia phone from the computer or unplug the computer while the software is being installed.

This procedure can come helpful when the phone does not respond and the user cannot access the phone. Nokia Software Recovery Tool can also be used to downgrade back to Windows Phone 8 from the Windows Phone 8.1 developer’s version. But, by following this procedure, note that all the data from the phone will be lost. So, unless the user cannot access his phone it is always recommended that the user should backup all the data from his phone.

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NOTE: This Software Recovery Tool from Nokia works with only Lumia Windows Phones. It does not work on WIndows Phone by Samsung, HTC or other.

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