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Google has released the version 36 of its web browser- Google Chrome. This new updated version of the Google Chrome web browser applies to Windows, Mac, Linux as well as Android operating systems. This update brings various bug fixes and some changes to the previous version of Chrome.

The changelog that Google announced for its Chrome version 36. 0.1985.125 is:

– Rich notifications and improvements

– An updated incognito/guest NTP design

– the addition of a Browser crash Recovery bubble

– Chrome app launcher for Linux

– Lots of under the hood changes for stability and performance

The first two of the changes listed above indicate the visual experience of the user while using Chrome 36. The incognito window feature is which one can use if he does not want his browsing history to be recorded in the device he uses to browse the internet. The incognito icon has changed from the small face icon to a large icon with no face and only glasses and hat.

This is the new incognito icon look:

chrome 36 incognito window


The browser crash recovery bubble cannot be judged yet as the Chrome browser hasn’t crashed since it was updated to version 36. Google has mentioned that this update includes 26 bug fixes. For Chrome on Android, the text is now more easy to read on those websites that do not have mobile optimization.

Google Chrome for Windows, Linux or Mac can be downloaded from here and Android users can get it from the play store here.

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