BBM beta for Windows Phone

For those Windows Phone users who are lucky enough to join the beta program, BlackBerry Messenger app (BBM) is now available for download through the  Windows Phone store.

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Unfortunately, due to huge response, BlackBerry closed the signups within 24 hours of its announcing. After that, users who register were made to enter the ‘waiting list’.

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So, to download this BBM beta forWindows Phone, the Windows Phone users must be a part of the BBM beta program for which BBM was accepting signups earlier.

As said before,  BBM for Windows Phone has mainly three categories – Feeds, Chats and Contacts. Feeds is just like News Feed where users get to see the status updates of other BBM friends and what they are up to. Contacts is basically a list of all the contacts including individual as well as group contacts of the BlackBerry Messenger. Chats display all the chats, one-to-one as well as group chats that were done using BBM.

So, those who got into the beta program of BBM for Windows Phone can download BBM beta on their Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Store here.

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