project ara by google

Project Ara is Google’s prestigious project that utilizes the concept of building modular smartphones. Through this project, Google is aiming to create customizable modular smartphones and now it is accepting applications from developers across the world who are interested in participating in Project Ara to build modular smartphones.

Project Ara is led by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) and it’s goal is, as previously said, to build smartphones with single-function blocks called modules. This will allow users to customize their own smartphones by swapping different components such as a camera or processor and this eliminates the need to change the whole smartphone for a better hardware.

Google is accepting applications from developers and selected applicants will be delivered development kits, that are expected to ship by the end of July and will not be shipped to Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria. This is said to be the first round of applying and the second round closes by August 17. The development kits are designed to help with prototyping and development of modules for the Ara platform, said Google. Google mentioned that it will grant submissions based on technical experience and strength of the developer’s module concepts.

The developer teams who participate in this Project Ara are also eligible for a prize challenge which awards the winning team with $100,000  and two runner-ups will receive paid travel to a future developer event. The winning team will be picked based on the criteria of “creation of novel modules, that would be used daily, and something you can’t do with a smartphone today”.

So all you developers, are you gearing up for Project Ara? You can submit your application for Project Ara here.

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