skype free group video calling for windows 8.1

Skype is now bringing free group video calling facility for Windows tablets and Windows 2 in 1 devices that run on Windows 8.1. This Skype group video calls allow 10 users to participate in a video call at a time. For more flexibility, three most talkative people of the video call, including the user who owns the Windows device will be shown at the same time. Any persons video will be shown up as soon as they start talking.

Additionally, if the user wants to view the video of the person who isn’t talking at a given time, he can simply double tap on them and their video will be displayed in full screen. While on a group video call, if the user want to use the web browser or any other file on his device, the Skype Windows an be minimized so that it occupies only a minimum part of the screen. This can be a great option for users who multitask. This feature is currently announced only for Windows devices and it’s hoped that it will soon hit the mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone too.

Be sure to check out the walkthrough of the group video calling given above by Skype to understand more of this feature on Windows 8.1

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