NeverMaze for BlackBerry 10

NeverMaze is a maze game for BlackBerry 10 devices. The concept of the game is simple – you just need to draw a path with your finger in te maze to get the orange dot to the purple dot. This game is made available for BlackBerry 10 devices from the BlackBerry World for Rs.50 but as a special promo offer, the game is now free for all BlackBerry 10 users!

All you need to do to avail this free NeverMaze is to get and enter a coupon code. Go to BlackBerry Worls from your BlackBerry 10 device. Search for ‘NeverMaze’ by developer Krungie Factor. Swipe down from the top of your screen and select ‘redeem’. Then enter the promo code C00423973 and download the game for free!

Download NevrMaze from BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 devices

Let us know how addicted you got to the game after playing it. Happy Mazing!

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