Dragons Adventure World Explorer for Windows Phone

Microsoft and DreamWorks together brought a new game for Windows Phone and Windows tablets today. Dragon Adventure: World Explorer is a game which gives players a unique experience of  turning the real life road trips to dragon themed Isle of Berk adventures.

This game, inspired by the new DreamWorks animation film “How to train your Dragon 2” uses real time data from sources like HERE Maps, FourSquare and the Weather Channel and personalizes the game depending upon the location of the player.

The game can be played in different modes that do not require a data connection but one can get the best out of the game while travelling in car. At the beginning of the travel, players should enter the destination while starting to play. Based on that destination, locations from HERE Maps, FourSquare and The Weather Channel customizes the game.

By tilting the Windows Phone or tablet to left and right or up and down, players can fly their dragon. The game provides a real world experience in such a way that, the game on the screen reflects the weather around the player. For instance, if it rains outside, the dragon in the game also flies through the rain drops. When the car the player is travelling in reaches the destination, the game automatically ends, thus helping in managing time.

So, are you ready for a Dragon adventure? Head to the Windows Phone Store here and download this free adventurous game on your Windows Phone.

For Windows Tablets, Dragons Adventure:World Explorer is available from Windows Store here.

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