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When there are a whole lot of apps installed in Windows Phone, it sometimes can become a storage concern. So when the need arises for some storage space to be available, we think of uninstalling those apps. In the Windows Phone 8, it was allowed to install apps only in the phone. But now, with Windows Phone 8.1, users are given the flexibility of moving the apps to microSD card (if the phone has one). Storage Sense made this feature all the more easier. Not only that, uninstalling multiple apps at once is also a hassle free work with Storage Sense on Windows Phone 8.1.

So, today let us see how we can take advantage of Storage Sense in Windows Phone 8.1 to move or uninstall multiple apps:

1. From the App list, go to Storage Sense.

2. Tap on ‘Phone‘.

3. It takes some time for the device to load and display the data usage in the phone. Once it is completed, tap on ‘apps+games‘.

4. Then the phone will display all the apps and games installed on the phone.

5. Tap on the multiple select  control select button  icon. Checkboxes appear before the apps installed. Select all the apps that you want to move to microSD card or uninstall.

6. Once you are done selecting, tap on uninstall or move depending upon your choice.

7. If uninstall is selected, the phone will prompt you to confirm your choice. Tap on Yes and the selected apps will be uninstalled.

8. If Move is selected, choose microSD from the option and the apps will be moved to the microSD card.

That’s all to it. Try it for yourself and share with us how it worked!

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