NANOGENERATOR lumia devices

Have you ever thought that the sounds of daily noise around you like voices around you(including your own voice) , traffic sounds, the music you listen to or even the sounds in a crowd can charge up your smartphone? Well, Nokia is on its way to charge your Lumia smartphone so that you don’t have to rush to  mains socket every time you need to charge your phone!

Nokia has teamed up with Dr Joe Briscoe and Dr Steve Dunn of Queen Mary University and tried to create an energy-harvesting prototype that could be used to charge a mobile phone using everyday background noise.

The concept behind this energy-harvesting prototype was nanotechnology; nano particles (which are a thousand times smaller in size than a human hair) behave differently because of their size. By breaking down a material to its nano level, it gains the ability of generating energy movement and vibration. and, as we know movement and vibration are the main aspects of sound.

The nano-generator that the team developed was using Zinc Oxide, a piezo-electric material, that can generate electrical energy when stretched or squashed. To develop nano-generators using Zinc Oxide, the team came up with a process where they could spray and cover a plastic sheet with a layer of Zinc Oxide. When this surface is put under stress, i.e when bent or squashed, it produces high voltage. When electrical contacts are attached to this, the voltage generated could be used to charge the battery of a phone.

nanogenerator lumia 925

Through the experiment done by the team of Nokia, Dr Joe Briscoe and Dr Steve Dunn of Queen Mary University, five colts (5V) can be generated. This, clearly, is more enough to charge the battery of a phone!

How  do you think this appreciative effort by Nokia and Team would change the future of mobile phones ? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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