BBM for Windows Phone

BBM for Windows Phone will be coming in a few days, give or take. Before experiencing the actual BBM on Windows Phone, users can now have the BBM beta app for Windows Phone and have a feel of BBM on Windows Phone.

BlackBerry is now allowing users to sign-up on BlackBerry Beta to obtain BBM beta for Windows Phone. BBm for Windows Phone has mainly three categories – Feeds, Chats and Contacts. Feeds is just like News Feed where users get to see the status updates of other BBM friends and what they are up to. Contacts is basically a list of all the contacts including individual as well as group contacts of the BlackBerry Messenger. Chats display all the chats, one-to-one as well as group chats that were done using BBM.

So ready to give a try for the BlackBerry Messenger on your Windows Phone? Sign up at the BlackBerry beta website here.

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